Centura State Assessment Scores

Every year, students in grades 3-8 take math, reading, and science state assessments. These tests are called NeSA assessments. This past year, the state reading test was revised to fit the new college and career ready standards that were adopted by the state in 2014. The new standards set a level of rigor that is much greater than any other standards Nebraska has had. With that, there was a significant drop in state proficiency and also in the district. This always happens whenever you raise the standard of achievement. Centura has always met this challenge and improved to meet the new standard of rigor. As you can see in the data, Centura was still better than the state average in 4 of the 6 grade levels. The district believes in the education that is provided to our students and will do what is necessary to improve on our district percent of proficiency.

Starting this year, the state is also releasing the new math state assessment based on the new college and career ready standards adopted in 2015. So, it is safe to say the state as well as our district will see a drop in percent of students proficient. Again, our district will do what is necessary to meet the new standard of rigor.

If you look at past state assessment data, Centura has always surpassed the state average and has always improved from year to year, we expect that trend to continue in the future.

If you have any questions about the information, please contact Cory Bohling, Centura Elementary principal and district curriculum and assessment coordinator.

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